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The Apostille is a certification issued by a designated authority in a country or member countries of the Hague convention that abolishes the requirement of consular legalization.

Member Countries of the HAGUE Convention


Required documents:


1) Original document with acknowledgment of signature notarized or signed by the county or state registry.

2) Copy of applicant's photo ID or state driver's license

Documents that require an Apostille are:

  • Birth certificates

  • Marriage certificates

  • Death certificates

  • Single Letter

  • Corporate documents

  • Powers of Attorney / Wills

  • Proof of Life

  • Declared jurisdictions

  • Notes / Diploma

  • Among others

Contract Review

Processing time and costs:


We offer 24-hour services for certification and/or Apostille via the Texas Secretary of State. The time and cost of each procedure in the rest of the United States varies according to the type of document, secretary of state, and certification of the corresponding county.

Sending Documents: Our commitment is to provide comprehensive document processing with minimized administrative headaches. Documents are processed as soon as possible with expeditated shipping services within the United States using FedEx, and internationally by DHL.

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