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Consular Services

Power of Attorney

This document allows for legal action to be done through proxies before governmental, private, and public institutions and exercise legal representation in any foreign country.

Declared Jurisdictions:

It is a solemn document where the declarant swears, promises, or affirms under their responsibility that all the data entered or facts they record are true.


Single letters:

This document must be duly authenticated by a notary public, in which two witnesses declare that they know the future (s) contracting parties (s) as a single person (s) and free (s) of impediments to contract marriage.

Houston Mobile Notary Public Services

Mabel & Associates offers mobile notary public services in Houston. We can go to your office or residence according to your needs or requirements established by the state of Texas.

Legal Documents
  • Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts

  • Pre-marriage agreements

  • International travel permit for minors

  • Proof of Life

Corporate Business Documents: 
  • Declared jurisdictions

  • Contracts

  • Invoices

Medical Adoption Forms
  • Medical forms

  • Verification of Employment I-9

  • Waiver of parental rights

Passport Photos and Visa

We specialize in providing passport and visa photos to specification for an accurate image with a turnaround time of a few minutes. Our photography team is professional and meets the requirements established by different countries. We offer quality photos with focus, clear background,  and proper sizing - which is important to take into account. We have provided professional passport and visa services for several years and are compliant with the State Department of the United States of North America's regulations.

Proof of Life

Every six (6) months nationals who reside outside the country must prove they're alive before the corresponding authorities of their home country for pensions and retiree benefits processing. This Proof of Life Certificate must be notarized and apostilled or legalized, as needed, and must be sent to the corresponding institution.


  • Legible copy of your identity card

  • Current address in the United States

  • Personal presence for signature and fingerprints.

Legal Documents:

Drafting of documents in accordance with the laws and customs of your home country

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